Xiaomi Mint Browser launches with an ad-free feature for all Android devices

Xiaomi Mint Browser

Xiaomi Mint Browser

Xiaomi Mint Browser Now Available For All Android Devices

Mint Browser is one of the best web browsers for Android phones. Breakneck speed, privacy, and security all come in a single tiny package. The 10 MB app is a lifesaver when you prioritize user experience over pricey specs.


Key features

Tiny Size: Low storage requirements and breakneck launch speed bring you online faster than ever before.
User-friendly Design: Browser has no dusty corners. Find everything you need right when you need it.
Voice search: Multitask with your hands waving free!
Full-featured UI: Incognito & Reading modes, mobile data saving options, and more.


About Mint Browser 

Mint Browser is designed by Xiaomi for all Android devices. While Xiaomi’s tells Mint Browser is totally safe, but it asks for a ton of permissions on boot as opposed to bringing them up powerfully. That, likewise, strangely, incorporates the Smartphone permission; however, the application runs fine in the event that you don’t concede it. It’s is the first time Xiaomi has launched a browser for non-Xiaomi phones,


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