Tilix Installing in Kali Linux

Tilix is an advanced GTK3 tiling terminal emulator that follows the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.

Its many features include:

* Layout terminals in any fashion by splitting them horizontally or vertically.

* Terminals can be rearranged using drag and drop both within and between windows.

* Terminals can be detached into a new window via drag and drop.

* Input can be synchronized between terminals so commands typed in one terminal are replicated to the others.

* Supports notifications when processes are completed out of view.

Installing Tilix In Kali Linux Is very easy, let’s get started.

  • Open the terminal and type apt install tilix now press y to install it.

  • Now type tilix in terminal/find in your applications.

  • Tilix – now you can easily multitask your job.

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