Our Team

Alexander Stone - Cyber Security Researcher, Computer Programmer, Kernel Dev, Exploit Developer  and Founder of  "Show Me Hacker - Cyber Security"

Benji Taylor - Computer Forensics Analyst, Speaker, Motorsport Enthusiast & Part-time Hacker. He voluntarily writes and brings you the latest threat intelligence news from the IT security world.

Muhammad Irfan - Ethical Hacker, IBM Cyber Security Analyst with expertise in Application Penetration Testing. Security trained from at StationX Cyber Security. Almost four years of experience in Software QA Testing, Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking.

Priyanka Jain - Certified Security AnalystHands-on experience on AWS, Microservices, Java, MySQL, and Spring Boot. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Technology.

Karthi Venkat - Security Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in information technology and Computer Forensics, Digital Forensics. M.sc in Digital Forensics & Information Security from National Forensic Sciences University. Focused on Digital Forensics & information security.