NASA Hacked – NASA Servers & Personal Data May have been Stolen

NASA data breach

NASA data breach

NASA announced a data breach on its own server that contains a personally identifiable information (PII) of current and old employees.

As SpaceRef reports, the NASA server compromise happened on Oct. 23 and the servers targeted contained personally identifiable information (PII) for both current and former NASA employees. The personal data included Social Security numbers and “other PII data.”

Although NASA’s cybersecurity team immediately contained the breach, it remains unclear exactly how much data was accessed. There is no time frame given for when this will be known, just that “NASA and its Federal cybersecurity partners” are examining the breach and will at some point in the future be able to conclude just how many people are affected.

Also NASA stats that, “Those NASA Civil Service employees who were on-boarded, separated from the agency, and/or transferred between Centers, from July 2006 to October 2018, may have been affected. “


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