IT Automation Full Course for System Administration By Google

In this full IT automation course, you will learn how to automate process and task as a system administrator. You will learn how to use the ruby script to automate any IT task easily and efficiently.

Table of contents

Introduction to Automation (0:05)

What is Automation (5:00)

What is programming (9:00)

Benefits of Automation (13:30)

Pitfalls of Automation (18:00)

Ruby and Other Scripting Language (25:00)

Ruby Programming (27:00)

Object-Oriented Classes (57:00)

System Programming – Mixins, Libraries,

Packages System Programming – read-write file Intro to IO streams –

Standard streams, redirecting streams,

Pipe and pipelines Running System command in Ruby Scripting Subprocesses

When to use Subprocess, subprocess summary

Writing Scripting from the ground up – Introduction, problem statement, research planning,

writing scripting Strings – Text Processing, string indexing, string substitution

Regular Expression – what is a regular expression, Basic syntax,

advance matching Processing log files Command line Text processing Data formats Reading CSV files, searching CSV files, modifying files HTML processing,

HTML parsing library Version control and Automation- Git,

Github How to git, commit message, git workflow, more with git Git –

Branching and merging What is remote, working with remotes, Git fetch, pull, push Version control – test,

Test-driven development, Black box, white box, test types Writing a unit test in ruby

Automation at scale – what is scale What is configuration management Intro to chef Configuration management using chef Chef and Ruby Chef Configurations Chef local mode, ecosystem and architecture Managing node with chef – Planning, configuration, testing, deploying, Scaling, extending Automation – What is monitoring Automation monitoring – Sources of Information metrics Automation monitoring – Collecting matrices, metric visualization Automation – Alerting, alert rules, Blackbox and white box monitoring Automation – Monitoring Metrics with Prometheus Automation Monitoring – Collecting host level metrics

Credit: The creator of this contents is Google. This video was created with the combination of all other videos of the course.

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