How to remove a shortcut virus from my pendrive

Step 1

You can remove short-cut virus in your pen permanently by follow the given steps:-

  • Go to Start -> Run -> cmd.

  • Go to your pen drive, memory cards or mobile phone directory.

  • Type del *.lnk (to delete all link files in the directory)

  • Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.*

  • Replace e with your drive letter.

  • And then press a gentle Enter.

Step 2

  • At first, go to start menu and then go to ‘run’ option. You can also press Windows key + R.

  • Then type “cmd” into the box and press OK bottom to run command prompt.

  • Then if you did not connect your infected removable drive (Pen drive, SD Card), just connect it to your computer.

  • After attached the infected removable drive just type this following command in Command prompt: attrib -h -r -s /s /d H:\*.*, (Where H is the removable drive) and press Enter.

Step 3

Use USBFIX Software to Remove Shortcut Virus

  • You will find lots of shortcut removable software but we recommend you to use USBFIX software. Because it is very easy to use and it takes minimum time to remove shortcut virus. So to know how to use USBFIX then just follow these steps one by one which is showing below.

  • At first download USBFIX software and install it.

  • After installation of USBFIX, close the entire running program before launching this software. Because it may close your all running program and you may also lose your running program data.

Now launch the software and connect your infected removable drive to your computer. Then click on the clean option of USBFIX.

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