The Complete Cyber Security Course for Beginners: Watch Now!

In this complete cybersecurity course, you will learn everything you need in order to understand cybersecurity in depth. You will learn all the terminology related to cybersecurity. Which is very crucial in the field of IT security.

Table of Contents:

Why Cyber Security (0:00)

Cyber Security Terminology (6:33)

Demystifying Computers (19:40)

Demystifying Internet (40:00)

Passwords and Hash Function (01:15:40)

Common Password Threat (01:30:30)

Creating a strong password How email works (02:14:22)

Email Security Types of Malware (02:40:00)

Functions of Malware

Sources of Malware

Layers of defense against malware

How web browsing works

Safely navigating the web

Online Shopping

Wireless Network basics

Wireless internet security threats

Public wireless network administering wireless network

Social media and privacy Reading URLs

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